the empty public square

If there was one word to describe 2020 it would be "empty." Empty schools. Empty houses of worship. Empty arenas. Empty streets. Empty restaurants. Empty proms and graduations. Empty beaches. Factories without workers. Funerals without mourners. Weddings without revelers. Grandparents without grandkids. Teachers without students. Doctors without patients. Even stores marginally filled with people are … Continue reading the empty public square

godfather problem: when everyone is a milkshake duck

In June 2016, America had a brief love affair with an affable, rotund, sweater-wearing power plant operator from Illinois named Ken Bone. It was the middle of an ugly, contentious campaign season. We were looking for any reason whatsoever to feel better about humanity. So when Ken Bone asked the presidential candidates during the second … Continue reading godfather problem: when everyone is a milkshake duck