The Impossibility of Empathy

Amanda Gorman is an extremely accomplished poet. She was the first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate. She published her first book of poetry at the age of 17, and in 2021, she delivered one of her poems at the inauguration of President Biden. At a time when serious poets don't generally become … Continue reading The Impossibility of Empathy

festivals of atonement

In G.K. Chesterton's poem The Ballad of the White Horse he describes the scene when Viking hordes invaded and nearly conquered England. Our towns were shaken of tall kings with scarlet beards like blood:The world turned empty where they trod,They took the kindly cross of God and cut it up for wood. The Vikings didn't … Continue reading festivals of atonement

critical race theory: empathy and narrative

My son got his driver's license this fall. For a year leading up to that day my son and I spent hours together driving the roads of southwest Missouri. I loved having my son as a captive audience during those drives. We'd talk about sports, school, girls, and God. I'd also coach him on his … Continue reading critical race theory: empathy and narrative

love thy body

Remember those decoder glasses that you played with as a kid? They were just cheap cardboard glasses with colored cellophane lenses, but when paired with certain images they were able to make otherwise unseen images or words magically appear. Reading Nancy Pearcey always gives me the feeling of wearing these glasses as I'm trying to … Continue reading love thy body

are those your niblings or are they your siblings from your piblings?

As far as biblical words go, ἄνθρωπος (anthropos) was never a particularly controversial one. It is a rather generic word that appears almost 550 times in the Greek New Testament. This word has given us notable English words like "anthropology" and "anthropomorphic," but it never really gave us much drama or intrigue until 2011. It's … Continue reading are those your niblings or are they your siblings from your piblings?

your heart sucks

I'm taking a break from Twitter for Lent which means that during the week I have to find something else to do while standing in lines or to distract me while I'm supposed to be grading papers. So for me, Twitter during Lent is limited to Sundays, feast days. One of the first Tweets I … Continue reading your heart sucks