Confronting My Inner Deist

If I hadn't already sworn off using the word, I'd say that I was deconstructing my faith a bit lately. Don't panic. I'm not experiencing anything like a crisis of faith. In some respects, it's just the opposite. Lately I've been questioning some of the unconscious assumptions that inform my faith with the result that … Continue reading Confronting My Inner Deist

Baseball Exists. Therefore, God Exists.

One of my favorite arguments for God's existence comes from philosopher Peter Kreeft. It is his "argument from Bach." The music of Bach exists.This proves that there is a God.You either get this or you don't. Basically, Kreeft is making an aesthetic argument for God. There are certain things about the beauty of music like … Continue reading Baseball Exists. Therefore, God Exists.

the fact that you’re reading this proves that there’s a God

"I can't believe in God. There isn't enough evidence. If he would just broadcast his existence in the clouds, then maybe I'd believe." Versions of this objection to the existence of God are ubiquitous. This objection has the advantage of making the skeptic seem to be open-minded and scientific. "I just follow the evidence, and … Continue reading the fact that you’re reading this proves that there’s a God