the surprising price of atheism

My wife absolutely loves the Hallmark Channel - especially around Christmas. Starting around August 12, it's all Christmas all the time on Hallmark, and shortly thereafter my DVR will start filling up with a seemingly endless parade of movies celebrating the spirit of the season with provocative titles like "My Christmas Dream," "A Dream of... Continue Reading →

oh, ricky

First, a quick life update. I'm currently in California catching some baseball games and also in my free time taking some classes at Talbot School of Theology beginning my long slog through the DMin process. It's been fun and challenging so far. I've learned so much about how truly dumb I am. It's been great!... Continue Reading →

a more effective apologetic?

Pascal said in Pensees: The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know...It is the heart which experiences God, and not the reason. This, then, is faith: God felt by the heart, not by reason. Time for a confession. I've always felt a tension at the heart of apologetics. Yes, I can make what I think... Continue Reading →

what makes for an effective internship?

**This isn't something I'd normally blog about, but we are entering into internship season so it's timely. And to be honest this was turned down for publication recently, so there you go. What comes first must be the recognition that what Jesus observed in Matthew 9 remains as true today as ever. The harvest is... Continue Reading →

hope 4.30

Those who know my family know who difficult April 30 is - especially when it happens to fall on a Sunday like this year. This is the date in 1995 that we lost my sister in a car accident on her way to church. It is still painful all these years later, but to those... Continue Reading →

a letter to my son

What follows is something deeply personal. Last weekend I had the chance to attend a father/son retreat called Modern Day Knights with my 12 year old. It was really a fantastic experience for both of us for so many reasons. I've been really introspective lately about what it means to be a dad and to... Continue Reading →

a minimal facts approach to the resurrection

If the resurrection happened, nothing else matters. If the resurrection didn't happen, nothing at all matters. The whole world turns upon the audacious claim of the resurrection. There is simply no truth as critically important as the truth celebrated at Easter and on every Lord's Day. Without the physically embodied resurrection of Jesus from the... Continue Reading →

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