A Short Note on Why You Should Get Vaccinated

I know that many of you are hesitant to get the COVID vaccine, and I get it. I understand your hesitancy. You’ve been called selfish, mouth-breathing rednecks by the same people who want you to get vaccinated. I know it’s not true. These are the kinds of arguments that people make who aren’t really interested in making an argument. They would rather feel self-righteous. I know that you look with suspicion on our leadership – particularly those in public health – and for some good reasons. They’ve often been confusing, contradictory, and condescending. They don’t try to understand you. They don’t understand where you live. You see them walking around in double-masks even after being vaccinated and you laugh. You were always suspicious of the smug certainty they placed in masks. States like Texas go mask free and cases go down. States like Michigan wear masks like it’s a religion, yet the media tells us that Texas is the problem! Your skepticism is not crazy. You hear them talk about maybe having a small get together with friends on July 4th and you laugh. You mostly never stopped getting together with friends and living your life. They seem like they’re living on a different planet. I get it. I’m right there with you! Listen, I respect your decisions. You are a grown-up capable of making your own choices, but still I think you should consider getting vaccinated. I know that some of you are concerned about the safety of the vaccine. That’s a good concern. You should think about what you’re putting into your body. I’d encourage you to do the research. The vaccine is overwhelmingly safe. One of our problems through this whole pandemic is allowing outlier stories to become the entire narrative. Our media has shamefully encouraged this. I know that some of you have a “wait and see” approach, so consider the fact that literally hundreds of millions of people globally have already been vaccinated. Their experiences should ease some of your fears. Not only is the vaccine safe, it is almost miraculously effective. I cannot understand why people like Fauci aren’t screaming this from the mountaintops, but these vaccines are modern marvels. Again, don’t take my word for it. Do the research. I know that a lot of you think that COVID isn’t really that bad for someone like you. Honestly, you’re probably right. In most age groups, COVID is not incredibly serious. I had it and didn’t even know it! But that’s not always the case. My dad was incredibly sick for a full month. I know others who were hospitalized and a few that have died. You have had these same experiences. This is why you should get vaccinated. I’m not worried about being around you if you aren’t vaccinated. You’re no threat to me. But you might have people in your life who are at risk who have decided to not get vaccinated. Your choice to get the shot might actually help to protect them. Mostly, I think you should consider getting the shot because I care about you. I don’t care about politicians or public health officials. I care about you. I would hate for you to end up in some hospital bed suffering needlessly from COVID when a wonderful vaccine is available to you. Imagine the regret that you would feel. I know that many of you believe in God. Good! Consider the idea that this vaccine is not some kind of trap – tune out that noise. What if the vaccine is actually a gift from God? What if the vaccine is actually an answer to all of those prayers that were lifted up over the past year?

Here is a good resource for you to look at regarding the vaccines: https://influencemagazine.com/en/Theory/Should-Christians-Take-the-COVID-19-Vaccine?fbclid=IwAR1xjvduWNUOhOOQoStAZNavPLJv4fNjcZ3lnOlVYV0di0Bk2ElWr-C_oQc

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