i’m opting out

Because of COVID-19, players in the NFL were given the opportunity to opt out of the upcoming season if they were concerned about their health and safety. Almost 70 players decided to that it was in their best interest to opt out.

In that spirit, I have also decided to opt out. Things are too toxic. Things are too unhealthy. I don’t expect or need everyone to opt out, but it has become the best choice for me.

So, I’m opting out.

I’m opting out of escalating rhetoric.

I’m opting out of justifying violence with politics.

I’m opting out of performative hatred.

I’m opting out of resentment as a viable worldview.

In the words of my good friend, Doug Welch, I’m opting out of both paganism and idolatry.

I’m opting out of seeing any politician as either the cause of, or solution to, all of life’s problems.

I’m opting out of desecrating my faith by reducing it to partisan politics.

I’m opting out of caring more about how a person votes than about their eternal soul.

I’m opting out of believing the lie that I don’t possess an unbending imperative to love those who disagree with me – even about politics.

I’m opting out of blurring the line between the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m opting out of trading my birthright for a bowl of soup.

I’m opting out of seeing party affiliation as a reliable indicator of a person’s character or commitment to Christ.

I’m opting out of letting an election blot out the sun of everything else that really matters in life.

I’m opting out of the rejection of truth and the shouting down of nuance.

I’m opting out of “team red” and “team blue.”

I’m opting out of caring about your attempts to shame or bully me into not opting out.

Don’t sign me up for your #resistance. Don’t give me a #MAGA flag for my truck. I’m out!

I used to poke fun at those people who said they were voting for Jesus. Now I’m worried that some people legitimately think they are voting for Jesus.

Do I plan on voting? Absolutely.

Do I plan on telling any of the lunatics online who I’m voting for? You’ve got to be kidding.

I’m opting out.

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