day 6

It feels like the whole world is living inside of the opening credits for the Brady Bunch. You know what I’m talking about. Each of us in our own digital boxes talking to others in their digital boxes on a screen. For many of us, this is what work, school, and social interactions will look like for the coming weeks and maybe months.

This is a bummer, but imagine if this technology didn’t exist. Technology can’t ever fully substitute for human interaction, but today I legitimately said a prayer of thanks for those who create and maintain platforms like Zoom and Canvas.

From strange times come the possibility of new traditions. Tonight our family had dinner with three other families. We set up a Zoom meeting and sat down for dinner with each other. All 21 of us. After prayer, we enjoyed food and conversation for the next hour. We talked about how the kids were coping, and how the parents were coping with how the kids were coping. We talked about hospitals and “shelter in place” orders. We talked about “going” to church tomorrow morning. We talked about figuring out how to continue our kids’ educations. We also talked about college basketball, movies, and even the weather. It was awesome.

Zoom (2)

Here’s the thing though, this dinner date could never have happened without the corona virus. We’ve been close friends forever, but we live in different parts of the country – our family in Missouri, one family in New Hampshire, another in Illinois, and a third in Ohio. At the end of our dinner someone mentioned that we should have done something like this a long time ago. After all, this technology has existed for a while. We rarely get to see each others’ families. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever had everyone in the same place. But the thing is, a dinner like this wouldn’t have happened if we were all living our typically busy lives. There are just too many obligations and opportunities that would provide excuses to keep us from getting together. It took a global pandemic and social distancing for us to actually slow down enough to get together.

Tonight, a new weekly tradition was born thanks to Zoom and thanks, weirdly, to the corona virus.

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