day 3

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.” Thoreau can lay it on pretty thick, but I don’t think there’s any doubt of the healing power of being in God’s creation. Today was sunny and warm, pleasant enough to momentarily forget about some of our troubles. We drank it up. We went to the park with the dogs. Logan and I walked nine holes of golf. Tonight I grilled on the deck and watched the sun dip beneath the horizon with my beautiful wife. It was the most peace I’ve felt in a while. If you’re reading this (and I can only assume you are), and you have the ability to do so, make it a point to get outside. Breath in the fresh air. In most places, it’s actually pretty easy to keep your distance from other people while out on a long walk. You might feel like a different person afterwards.

Speaking of my beautiful wife…


It wasn’t a birthday we could have ever imagined. There’s a lot right now that goes beyond our imagination. But at least this will be a birthday we won’t ever forget. I guess I just want to take some time tonight and tell you how amazing my wife is. In so many ways, she is everything I’m not. She’s funny, easy-going, compassionate, and selfless. She’s also going to hate that I put this picture on my blog, but I wanted to brag about the cake that I made. Mention my wife’s name to anyone who knows her, and it will elicit a quick smile and usually a story.

My wife is also a nurse, and a dang good one. The reason that we are all (hopefully) engaging in some social distancing is not really so we don’t get sick. The reason we do it is because it is an act of love for others. Social distancing shows that we care about those most at risk among us. It shows that their lives are worth more than our convenience. Social distancing also shows that we care about heroes like nurses, doctors, and EMTs. I’m just a college administrator. I believe what I do is important, but I also know (and so do my kids) that mom is the real hero. She’s the fearless one. When you choose to sacrifice, you are sacrificing for people like my wife. In your own way, you are helping them to better help others. So wash your hands and stay out of crowds.

(day 1, day 2)


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