A quick update. As many of you know, Ozark Christian College has generously offered me a sabbatical from this June to December. I have several personal and professional goals for the sabbatical, but I have two primary purposes. First, the sabbatical will allow me the time and space to finish my dissertation. My intent is to graduate from Talbot School of Theology in December. Secondly, the sabbatical will allow for a time of rest and recharge before I begin my duties as Academic Dean in the fall of 2021.

While I must be mindful of these two purposes, I also want to make myself more available to teach and preach during my sabbatical months. My summer is pretty much full already, but I am currently looking to fill some speaking dates for the fall. These are some of the topics in which I am particularly interested:

  1. Christian apologetics for either high school students or adults.
  2. Evaluating and engaging culture from a Christian worldview.
  3. Digital technology and its impact on discipleship and ministry.
  4. Creating resilient disciples among Gen Z.
  5. Biblical studies – especially on the book of Hebrews.

If you are interested in having me speak for your group or church, please follow this link and fill out this speaker request form:


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