the word that saves a civilization

There is a word that saves civilization.

I wonder, do you know it?

It has kept the barbarian at the gate and it has stormed the beaches of Normandy.

It is a shield for virtue and a safe house for chastity.

It is easy to say, but hard to voice; said through gritted teeth and pained expression.

It stares down the tyranny of the present with a long look to the past and a longing look to the future.

It challenges every convention but is the founding of every command.

It is a curse to the oppressor and a rebuke to the mob.

It is wielded by clumsy children young and old who forget or maybe never learned

That the word that saves a civilization must always save the self first.

I wonder do you know it?

Do you remember this word that saves civilizations?

And souls.



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