fishing buddies


“You ever think much about the ocean?”


“Yeah. You don’t ever wonder about the ocean?”

“I never thought you were ‘one of those.'”

“Listen, I know it’s crazy, but you know, lately every time we come out to this lake I find myself thinking about the ocean.”

“Have you ever seen the ocean?”

“Well, no.”

“Do you really think it’s reasonable to believe in something as massive as the ocean without ever being able to see it?”

“Some have seen it.”

“Oh sure, believers. But believers can’t be trusted to give an honest account, can they?”

“But I’ve heard some people say that life could never have even existed on this planet without the ocean. Without the ocean everything dies.”

“Goodness. Do you even hear yourself? You’re smarter than that. I mean, sure, there are a lot of unanswered questions out there. And scientists spend their entire lives working to discover the answers to these questions. We’ve already learned so much! Speculating about the existence of some mythical ocean as some sort of final answer is just…it’s just anti-science.”

“You’re right. I know you’re right. I just can’t escape the feeling that there’s something else out there.”

“Well, you said it right there – ‘you can’t escape the feeling.’ Look at this lake. You said that you feel this way every time we come to the lake. Well, this is easy to understand. All the ocean is, is a glorified lake. People go fishing at the lake, and when the fish aren’t biting their imaginations get the best of them. They start to wonder if maybe there is one really big lake out there somewhere.”

“That makes sense I suppose.”

“Of course it does. And isn’t the lake enough? Why do we need the ocean, when this lake provides us everything that we need.”

“Yeah. I never thought about it that way…But still I can’t help but wonder. We only, always come to this same lake. I guess it’s easy to think that this lake is all there is, if this lake is all there is for us. If all we ever contented ourselves to look at was this lake, what else might we be missing?”


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