why a blog?

The first post of virtually every blog begins sort of like this: “Well, I guess I’ll try this again.” Blogging is the gym membership of digital extrospection. It seems like such a great idea for a couple of months. Our mind, we are convinced, is full of great thoughts that the world needs to hear. But then reality hits us. Blogging takes time and you’ve got to work and go to ballgames and Netflix isn’t going to watch itself. And maybe you aren’t as insightful, clever, funny, relevant, and hip as you thought you were. And there are about a million other blogs that are just, well, better. And no one commented on your last post. So you just kind of stop. I have left a trail of abandoned blogs behind me.

Well, I guess I’ll try this again.

I know that writing is good for me. It forces me to actually sort through and understand my own thoughts. Schopenhauer said that many learned people have read themselves stupid. I’m not sure if I would qualify as “learned,” and I think that Schopy might have been indulging in a bit of philosophical hyperbole; but nevertheless there is some truth to what he said. It’s important to write and to speak – especially for those of us who love books – if only for the purpose of working out and struggling over our own thoughts rather than always following in the thought-trail of whatever author we happen to be reading at the time.

So, here it is. My latest attempt at blogging. Because I teach primarily in the areas of apologetics and hermeneutics, most of my posts will deal with those two, broad topics. (Sorry, no Cubs posts.) I will try to keep it interesting and short so that coming here will not be a waste of your time or mine.

Ephesians 1:17 has become an important verse to me lately. In it, Paul prays that God would give the Ephesians a Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that they would know God better. That has become a prayer of mine for my students and a mission statement of sorts for my ministry. If I can be used in any way by God to help answer this prayer for wisdom and revelation in a person’s life, then I am happy and humbled to do so.

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